Visual Management Systems Ltd becomes Veracity Solutions Ltd and is part of the Veracity group of companies.


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Whether you manage business or sporting events, operate busy museums, large shopping centres or other popular venues, your organisation’s ability to implement and demonstrate measures that ensure visitor safety and compliance rules are followed will be essential to enable you to operate safely, remain open, analyse and grow your business footfall.

If you run a large organisation with visitor access, you need to know exactly how many visitors are accessing it…..when, where, and for how long.


With ABACUS you have the information at your fingertips, enabling your organisation to:Abacus People Counting

?     Measure & Improve your Venue's Performance
?     Justify Funding
?     Manage Effective Staff Scheduling
?     Improve People Flows
?     Increase Visitor Satisfaction
?     Grow Organisational Revenue
?     Assess Promotions, Weather or Construction's affect on your visitor numbers.

Developed to count visitors entering any location, Abacus is the leading people counting and occupancy management system  for monitoring footfall traffic.  ABACUS can use a variety of intelligent devices and integrate with other counting equipment to automatically count the number, and direction, of people passing in real time. Abacus offers you a range of flexible reporting, giving you complete access to your footfall data in an easily accessible format.

Access to accurate visitor footfall, dwell time, queue, occupancy, customer flow and tracking metrics offer organisations a competitive edge by providing an insight into visitor behaviour, helping you to make informed business decisions to improve performance.

Whether you work in retail, leisure, libraries, museums or galleries, involved in entertainment or transport, counting visitor traffic will provide you with vital metrics to understand and improve your business.

We will provide you with the tools to benefit from a cost-effective people counting and occupancy management system.


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